Seminário do Journal 20/06/2008

17/06/2008 22:46

Data: Sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008
Local: Auditório do INE
Horário: 14h00

Palestrante: Prof. Dr. Mário Dantas

A Grid Resource Matching Tool Based on the Semantic Integration of the Diverse Ontologies

Virtual Organizations (VOs) have autonomy for describing your resources. This characteristic complicates the search of specific resources in grid in agreement with requisites for an application. Recent researches has considered the semantics in the search of resources in grids. For considering semantics in grid resources search process, researches have employed ontologies. However, it does not have knowledge of an unique ontology that describes the grid domain in consensus. It is not expected that any user deals easily with the formalism used to express the knowledge. Only specialists have necessary and enough knowledge for querying ontologies.

The objective of our research is to propose a selection system that it considers the organizations autonomy and make easier the process queries editing by users.